Posted by Lamar Saxon on Mar 24, 2024

2024 Flag Program - Please stand by... - 2024 Flag Program

We are making major updates to our Flag program website and host for 2024 !!!   KRC will be moving our hosting and processing to our partners at Helping With Flags for 2024.  It is taking a bit longer to get it all set up and data migrated; but hope to have the site live by the end of the week ( 29 Mar 2024 ) !

Some of the new features we will have:

- Subscribers can view their flag subscription information using their email address !

- Subscribers can setup auto renewal and auto pay !

- And numerous other features for our teams who help put out flags !

If you would still like to register now - our previous site is open and available until we get the migration complete.  Once we are live I will be migrating active subscriptions to our new site.  

Thank you for your patience as I think the new site will be a fantastic improvement !

Lamar Saxon

KRC Flag Chair

Kennedale Rotary Flag Program

\Pricing is $50 for one year.  

Kennedale Rotary Club Memorial Flag Program Registration