Posted by Jessica Mang on Apr 23, 2020

Kennedale Rotary Flag Program

Honor your Country while you support your Community

This event is the primary fundraiser for the club, the city's only civic organization. Your generosity helps

fund educational programs for Kennedale youth, food and clothing for underserved local families, and

international humanitarian projects such as clean water, hunger relief, disease prevention and literacy.

With your $50 a year donation, beginning on Memorial Day 2020, we will deliver an

American Flag curbside to your property on six holidays. Following each holiday, we will collect, clean

and store the flag and standard to preserve the flag's integrity.

Flag Holidays

Memorial day - Flag Day - Independence Day - Labor Day - Patriots Day - Veterans Day


The Kennedale Rotary Club is pleased to announce the convenience of online payment for memorial

flag subscriptions.  Please follow the link below to register for the flag program. 

Pricing is $50 for one year.  

Kennedale Rotary Club Memorial Flag Program Registration