Posted by JEM on Oct 24, 2017
Weekly Membership Spotlight - Susan Reed
Past President 2012-13
1. What brought you to Rotary?   
New to town 8 years ago and Rotary seemed like the best place to start. My Father was a long-time Rotarian. I worked for him in college, and watched him walk out the door every Wednesday for a noon Rotary meeting. He loved it and faithfully did service above self as a livelong practice. Following in his footsteps does not even seem possible--he left huge tracks. But considering his legacy, that is where I want to be.
2. Who had the biggest impact on the person you have become?  
My Grandmother "Gram-Gram" Gertrude Hodde was a praying, active, faithful, volunteering, bright lady. I admired her so, spending time each summer with her. She would always tell people, "Susan is tall like her Gram Gram." Being adopted, I looked like no one, but she always made me feel like I fit in, like I belonged. She took me to sing with her in the choir. Never has my voice been thought of as anything that resembled good, harmonious, or musical, but she wanted me with her in the loft, with choir robe singing the part. I've named my mini-van after her, "Gerty." As a proper woman, "Gerty" was never a nickname she endorsed, but in my heart she was warm as sunshine.
3. Name something you would like to accomplish BEFORE you die.
Seeing my grandkids be happy, healthy and launched in life; ride in a hot air balloon;  write a book; solo on banjo
4. Where is the most beautiful place you have been?
Molokai island, traversing down the sea cliffs to the leaper colony during whale season. Breathtaking. This planet has so much to offer, and we in turn should offer back our best.
5. Vocation tell us about your work. 
I am a licensed clinical social worker who specialized in trauma and anxiety, with special training in a type of psychotherapy called Eye-Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing therapy, known commonly as "EMDR." It is a robust therapy that addresses the bio-psycho-social-neuro-physiological-immunological reactivity the body experiences during crisis and trauma, allowing for trauma resolution. I have the privilege of working with 1st responders, military, civilians, individuals with difficult childhoods, people who have experienced a variety of incidents, addictions, and traumas. I'm a Certified EMDR Clinician, an Approved Consultant and the Regional Coordinator for the DFW West Regional Network.
6. What is your guilty pleasure?
Early Grey with a shot of Honey, power tools, and college football