Speaker Date Topic
Daniel Soliz Feb 19, 2019
Career and Technical Education in Kennedale ISD
4 Way Test Speech Contest Feb 26, 2019

High School Students speak on a topic of their choice as it relates to the principals of the 4 Way Test.

Club Assembly Mar 05, 2019
Steve Longo Mar 12, 2019
“What Every Parent of a College Student Should Know”

If you have a student in college or know someone who does, you’re probably just as anxious as they are to see them graduate, get a good job, move out of the house and establish themselves in the world. But far too many recent grads find themselves either unemployed or stuck in “just over broke” jobs and can’t afford to leave home.

Wasn’t their degree supposed to ensure their future? Steve Longo, Managing Partner of NextStep Coaching says, “These days, it’s not where a student goes to school or what they study, but rather what they do while in college that enables them to be readily hirable upon graduation.”

In his talk, "What Every Parent of a College Student Should Know," Steve will share with your members:

·         Why students need to prime themselves for the job market long before they graduate

·         Why it’s imperative undergraduates get active in community service and campus organizations

·         Why the campus career center shouldn’t be thought of as an employment service

Donnie Boivin Mar 19, 2019
Look at the World and Say, "Hold My Beer and Watch THIS!"

Find your internal inspiration and be the you that you always wanted to be. A stronger more passionate confident you. Able to punch life in the face and RUN LIKE HELL